Abdullah Aydoğan

Abdullah Aydoğan

Associate Prof.

aydoganab@itu.edu.tr  2857285

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Supramolecular polymers, Anion Receptors, Anion Recognition, Anion Extraction Systems

Awards & Assignments

  • TÜBİTAK, Postdoctoral Fellowship, The University of Texas at Asutin, 2012-2013


  • "Calix[4]pyrrole-decorated carbon nanotubes on paper for sensing acetone vapor"  Elif Baysak, Samet Yuvayapan, Abdullah Aydogan, Gurkan Hizal;  Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical  2018 , 258 , 484-491. 
  • "A thermoresponsive supramolecular polymer gel from a heteroditopic calix[4]pyrrole"  Sana Amharar, Samet Yuvayapan, Abdullah Aydogan;  Chemical Communications  2018 , 54 , 829-832. 
  • "Calix[4]pyrroles with bulky substituents and their anion binding studies"  Ahmet AKAR, Abdullah AYDOĞAN;  TURKISH JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY  2017 , 41 , 493-501. 
  • "Synthesis and characterisation of a calix[4]pyrrole functional polystyrene via click chemistry and its use in the extraction of halide anion salts"  Abdullah Aydogan;  Supramolecular Chemistry  2016 , 28 , 117-124. 
  • "Reversible Assembly and Disassembly of Receptor-Decorated Gold Nanoparticles Controlled by Ion Recognition"  Abdullah Aydogan, Gawon Lee, Chang-Hee Lee, Jonathan L. Sessler;  Chemistry - A European Journal  2015 , 21 , 2368-2376. 
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