Ay■e Ízdemir

Ay■e Ízdemir

Associate Prof.

daut@itu.edu.tr  2853169


natural products synthesis, reactions of diazo compounds, carbene chemistry, heterocyclic chemistry


  • "Analysis of anthraquinones in Rumex crispus by micellar electrokinetic chromatography"  S BASKAN, A DAUTOZDEMIR, K GUNAYDIN, F ERIM;  Talanta  2007 , 71 , 747-750. 
  • "An Aza-Wittig/-Furan Cyclization Approach Toward the Homoerythrina Alkaloid (▒)-Selaginoidine"  Michael P. Cassidy, Ayse Daut Ízdemir, Albert Padwa;  Organic Letters  2005 , 7 , 1339-1342. 
  • "A Study of Vinyl Radical Cyclization Using N -Alkenyl-7-bromo-Substituted Hexahydroindolinones"  Albert Padwa, Paitoon Rashatasakhon, Ayse Daut Ozdemir, Jerremey Willis;  The Journal of Organic Chemistry  2005 , 70 , 519-528. 
  • "Six- versus Five-Membered Ring Formation in Radical Cyclizations of 7-Bromo-Substituted Hexahydroindolinones"  Paitoon Rashatasakhon, Ayse Daut Ozdemir, Jerremey Willis, Albert Padwa;  Organic Letters  2004 , 6 , 917-920. 
  • "Reactions of ,-Enones with Diazo Compounds, Part 3"  Olcay Anaš, Ay■e DautÍzdemir, Ízkan Sezer;  Helvetica Chimica Acta  2003 , 86 , 290-298. 
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