H. Ayşen Önen

H. Ayşen Önen


onen@itu.edu.tr  2856992



  • "Graphene oxide and graphene fiber produced by different nozzle size, feed rate and reduction time with vitamin C"  Nuray Ucar, Gokcen Gokceli, Ilkay Ozsev Yuksek, Aysen Onen, Nilgun Karatepe Yavuz;  Journal of Industrial Textiles  2018 , 48 , 292-303. 
  • "Photoactive multi-walled carbon nanotubes: synthesis and utilization of benzoin functional MWCNTs"  Neşe Kaynak, Ayşen Önen, Müfide Karahasanoğlu;  Journal of Materials Science  2018 , 53 , 9598-9610. 
  • "Nanocomposite polyacrylonitrile filaments with titanium dioxide and silver nanoparticles for multifunctionality"  Nuray Kizildag, Nuray Ucar, Aysen Onen;  Journal of Industrial Textiles  2018 , 47 , 1716-1738. 
  • "Effects of NCO/OH Ratio and Reactive Diluent Type on the Adhesion Strength of Polyurethane Methacrylates for Cord/Rubber Composites"  Zehra Yildiz, Hacer Aysen Onen, Atilla Gungor, Youjiang Wang, Karl Jacob;  Polymer-Plastics Technology and Engineering  2018 , 57 , 935-944. 
  • "Synthesis of phosphorus-containing polyurethanes and poly(urethane-acrylate)s"  Mahir Burak SÜDEMEN, Hacer Ayşen ÖNEN;  TURKISH JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY  2017 , 41 , 630-647. 
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