H. Ayşen Önen

H. Ayşen Önen


onen@itu.edu.tr  2856992



  • "Dual-curable PVB based adhesive formulations for cord/rubber composites: The influence of reactive diluents"  Zehra Yildiz, Hacer Aysen Onen;  International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives  2017 , 78 , 38-44. 
  • "Preparation and characterization of chalcone functional urethane acrylates for coating applications"  B. Güler, H.A. Önen, M. Karahasanoğlu, E. Serhatlı, T. Çakır Çanak;  Progress in Organic Coatings  2017 , 109 , 152-159. 
  • "Photopolymerization of acrylates by enzymatically synthesized PCL based macrophotoinitiator"  N. U. Kaya, A. Onen, Y. Guvenilir;  Express Polymer Letters  2017 , 11 , 493-503. 
  • "Synthesis and application of dual-curable PVB based adhesive formulations for cord/rubber applications"  Zehra Yildiz, Hacer Aysen Onen, Atilla Gungor, Youjiang Wang, Karl Jacob;  Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology  2017 , 31 , 1900-1911. 
  • "Polyacrylonitrile/polyaniline composite nano/microfiber webs produced by different dopants and solvents"  N. Kizildag, N. Ucar, A. Onen, I. Karacan;  Journal of Industrial Textiles  2016 , 46 , 787-808. 
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