Mine Yurtsever

Mine Yurtsever


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Physical Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Chemical Physics

Awards & Assignments

  • Associate Chair of the ITU Chemistry Department
  • ITU Chemistry Department, ABET Representative
  • ITU, Chemistry Graduate Program Committee Member
  • Member of ITU Senate Accreditation Committee
  • Member of ITU Ethics Committee


  • "Binding Interactions of Dopamine and Apomorphine in D2High and D2Low States of Human Dopamine D2 Receptor Using Computational and Experimental Techniques"  Serdar Durdagi, Ramin Ekhteiari Salmas, Matthias Stein, Mine Yurtsever, Philip Seeman;  ACS Chemical Neuroscience  2015
  • "Molecular Simulations of Solved Co-crystallized X-Ray Structures Identify Action Mechanisms of PDE Inhibitors"  Ramin Ekhteiari Salmas, Mert Mestanoglu, Mine Yurtsever, Sergei Y. Noskov, Serdar Durdagi;  Biophysical Journal  2015 , 109 , 1163-1168. 
  • "Investigation of Inhibition Mechanism of Chemokine Receptor CCR5 by Micro-second Molecular Dynamics Simulations"  Ramin Ekhteiari Salmas, Mine Yurtsever, Serdar Durdagi;  Scientific Reports  2015 , 5 , 13180. 
  • "Discovering novel carbonic anhydrase type IX (CA IX) inhibitors from seven million compounds using virtual screening and in vitro analysis"  Ramin Ekhteiari Salmas, Murat Senturk, Mine Yurtsever, Serdar Durdagi;  Journal of Enzyme Inhibition and Medicinal Chemistry  2015 , 1-9. 
  • "In silico investigation of PARP-1 catalytic domains in holo and apo states for the design of high-affinity PARP-1 inhibitors"  Ramin Ekhteiari Salmas, Ayhan Unlu, Mine Yurtsever, Sergei Y. Noskov, Serdar Durdagi;  Journal of Enzyme Inhibition and Medicinal Chemistry  2015 , 31 , 112-120. 
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