Polyelectrolytes, Polyelectrolyte Complexes in bulk and at interfaces, Layer by Layer deposition (LBL) technique and surface coating, Polyelectrolyte Multilayer (PEM), PEM Films, Colloidal particles, Chemical and physical characterization of nanosurfaces, nanoparticles, and nanomaterials, Chemometric Analysis (Experimental Design (DOE), Multivariate Chemometric Analysis, Factor Analysis (FA), Principle Component Analysis (PCA), Cluster Anaysis (CA))

Awards & Assignments

  • Postgraduate Fellowship of French Government (Bourse du Gouvernement Francais, BGF)
  • Joint Doctorate International Travelling Scholarship from University of Strasbourg (Aide à la mobilité internationale
  • Achievement Tetimonial and Third Rank Award from Marmara University
  • TUBITAK, Marmara Research Center (M.A.M), Food Science and Technology Research Institute, Gebze


  • "Polyphosphates as inorganic polyelectrolytes interacting with oppositely charged ions, polymers and deposited on surfaces: fundamentals and applications"  N. Cini, V. Ball;  Advances in Colloid and Interface Science  2014 , 209 , 84-97. 
  • "Slow complexation dynamics between linear short polyphosphates and polyallylamines: analogies with layer-by-layer deposits"  Nejla Cini, Tulay Tulun, Christian Blanck, Valérie Toniazzo, David Ruch, Gero Decher, Vincent Ball;  Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics  2012 , 14 , 3048-3056. 
  • "Step-by-Step Assembly of Self-Patterning Polyelectrolyte Films Violating (Almost) All Rules of Layer-by-Layer Deposition"  Nejla Cini, Tulay Tulun, Gero Decher, Vincent Ball;  Journal of the American Chemical Society  2010 , 132 , 8264-8265. 





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