Nermin Orakdöğen

Nermin Orakdöğen

Professor  2853305


  • "Multi-faced investigation for pH-sensitivity and solvent polarity in highly charged thermo-responsive hydro- and cryogels with strongly dissociated groups: A comparative evaluation of physico-chemical properties"  Talin Boyaci, Nermin Orakdogen;  European Polymer Journal  2018 , 98 , 137-153. 
  • "Non-Gaussian elasticity and charge density-dependent swelling of strong polyelectrolyte poly(N-isopropylacrylamide-co-sodium acrylate) hydrogels"  Nermin Orakdogen, Talin Boyacı;  Soft Matter  2017 , 13 , 9046-9059. 
  • "Finite extensibility and deviation from Gaussian elasticity of dimethylacrylamide-based gels with different charge density: Insight into pH/solvent-dependent swelling and surfactant interactions"  Nermin Orakdogen, Talin Boyaci;  Polymer  2017 , 132 , 306-324. 
  • "Dynamical modeling and experimental aspects of multi-responsive hydroxy-functional methacrylate-based gels with tunable swelling induced by multivalent ions"  Nermin Orakdogen, Berran Sanay;  Polymer  2017 , 129 , 151-168. 
  • "Poly(Hydroxypropyl methacrylate- co -glycidyl methacrylate): Facile synthesis of well-defined hydrophobic gels containing hydroxy-functional methacrylates"  Nermin Orakdogen, Berran Sanay;  Polymer Degradation and Stability  2017 , 144 , 251-263. 
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