Orhan Güney

Orhan Güney


oguney@itu.edu.tr  2853162


  • "Mercuric ion-induced signaling by a dual turn-off/on switching of a quinoline-based fluorescent sensor"  Uğur Kahraman, Orhan Güney;  Journal of Luminescence  2016 , 170 , 155-160. 
  • "Stimuli-responsive molecularly imprinted hybrid polymer gel as a potential system for controlled release"  Orhan Güney, Erdal Serin;  Journal of Applied Polymer Science  2016 , 133 , n/a-n/a. 
  • "Development and characterization of ion-imprinted solgel-derived fluorescent film for selective recognition of mercury(II) ion"  Fehmi Karagöz, Orhan Güney;  Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology  2015 , 76 , 349-357. 

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