Thermally Curable Polystyrene via Click Chemistry



Mihrace Ergin, Baris Kiskan, Burcin Gacal, Yusuf Yagci


Novel side-chain benzoxazine functional polystyrene was synthesized by using Click Chemistry strategy. First, a random copolymer of styrene (S) and chloromethyl styrene (CMS) with 39.8 mol% CMS content was prepared by Nitroxide Mediated Radical Polymerization (NMP) process. Then, the choromethyl groups were converted to azido groups by using NaN3 in DMF. Propargyl benzoxazine was prepared independently by a ring closure reaction between p-propargyloxy aniline, paraformaldehyde and phenol. Finally, azidofunctionalized polystyrene was coupled to propargyl benzoxazine with high efficiency by click chemistry. The spectral and thermal analysis confirmed the presence of benzoxazine functionality in the resulting polymer. It is shown that polystyrene containing benzoxazine undergoes thermal curing in the absence of any catalyst forming polystyrene thermoset with high thermal stability.

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