Synthesis, characterization and properties of naphthoxazine-functional poly(propyleneoxide)s

European Polymer Journal


Ayfer Yildirim, Baris Kiskan, A. Levent Demirel, Yusuf Yagci


Thermally curable naphthoxazine -functionalized polymers were synthesized by the reaction of linear (Diamines) and branched (Triamines) poly(propylene oxide)s (Jeffamine series) having various molecular weights, with p-formaldehyde, and 2-naphthol. The structures of the resulting polymers were characterized by FT-IR and 1H-NMR. In addition, curing behavior of these polymers was studied using differential scanning calorimeter (DSC) indicating a single exothermic peak between 230-251 oC based on naphthoxazine functionality. Hydrophilicity of these polymers was investigated both in cured and non-cured states by water contact angle measurements. The surface topographies of the polymers were also examined by atomic force microscope (AFM).

ted P-a groups was also demonstrated.

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