Biogenic Amines in Wines and Pomegranate MolassesA Non-Ionic Micellar Electrokinetic Chromatography Assay with Laser-Induced Fluorescence Detection

Food Analytical Methods


S. Uzaşçı, S. Başkan, F.B. Erim


Biogenic amines in wine samples and pomegranate molasses were detected and quantified by a nonionic micellar electrokinetic chromatography method coupled to laser-induced fluorescence detection. The method provides a satisfactory and fast separation of seven biogenic amines and matrix peaks in food samples in less than 9 min. Detection limits are between 0.42 and 1.26 nM, and precisions were lower than 3% RSD for peak areas. The recovery values were between 93% and 104%, depending on the food matrix. The method is sensitive and rapid and widely applicable for the determination of biogenic amines in wine samples and fruit molasses.

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