Solid sampling determination of total fluorine in baby food samples by high-resolution continuum source graphite furnace molecular absorption spectrometry

Food Chemistry


Nil Ozbek, Suleyman Akman


This study describes the applicability of solid sampling technique for the determination of fluorine in various baby foods via molecular absorption of calcium monofluoride generated in a graphite furnace of high-resolution continuum source atomic absorption spectrometry. Fluorine was determined at CaF wavelength, 606.440 nm in a graphite tube applying a pyrolysis temperature of 1000 °C and a molecule forming temperature of 2200 °C. The limit of detection and characteristic mass of the method were 0.20 ng and 0.17 ng of fluorine, respectively. The fluorine concentrations determined in standard reference sample (bush branches and leaves) were in good agreement with the certified values. By applying the optimized parameters, the concentration of fluorine in various baby foods were determined. The fluorine concentrations were ranged from <LOQ to 3.75 µg g-1. Owing to the ultra low sample amounts used in solid sampling analysis, micro-scale distribution of fluorine in the samples was also determined.

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