One-pot synthesis of poly(triazole-graft-caprolactone) via ring-opening polymerization combined with click chemistry as a novel strategy for graft copolymers

Reactive and Functional Polymers


Fusun Seyma Gungor, Baris Kiskan


The one-pot construction of polytriazole grafted with poly(e-caprolactone) via the polymerization of 4-azido-1-(prop-2-yn-1-yloxy)butan-2-ol (N3hydroxypropargyl) and e-caprolactone monomers is reported. For this purpose, a click reaction and ring-opening polymerization (ROP) were combined and carried out simultaneously. N3hydroxypropargyl served as both the ROP initiator and a monomer for the click polymerization. Thus, an in situ grafting-through and from strategy was established in one
pot. CuBr and Sn(Oct)2were utilized as dual catalysts, and the polymerization reactions were carried out at 120C under a N2 atmosphere.

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