Total phenolic contents, antioxidant activities, and bioactive ingredients of juices from pomegranate cultivars worldwide

Food Chemistry


Zeynep Kalaycıoğlu, F. Bedia Erim


Numerous recent scientific publications investigating the health benefits of pomegranate juice have

greatly increased consumer interest in this fruit. The primary cause of the positive health effect of pomegranate

is the unique antioxidant activity of this fruit. As a result of the increased attention given to

pomegranate, the number of countries producing pomegranate has increased and new cultivars are

appearing. The purpose of this review is to quantitatively establish the antioxidant activities, the total

phenolic contents which are highly correlated to antioxidant activities, and the other important ingredients

of pomegranate juices obtained from cultivars of different regions. Pomegranate wine, vinegar, and

sour sauce obtained directly from pomegranate juice are included in this review. Comparison of aril juices

with peel and seed extracts is also given. This data could be useful to the pomegranate industry in identifying

and developing cultivars having commercial value.

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