Yazar: Hakan Kaygusuz
1 Microstructural and optical properties of SiO2 glasses doped with ZnSe Quantum Dots and Nd3+ Ions

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2 Methlyene blue removal by alginate-clay quasi-cryogel beads

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3 Surfactant and Metal Ion Effects on the Mechanical Properties of Alginate Hydrogels

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4 Characterization of Anatolian honeys based on minerals, bioactive components and principal component analysis

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LWT - Food Science and Technology 2016 ; 68 : 273-279
5 Aluminum Alginate-Montmorillonite Composite Beads for Defluoridation of Water

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6 Natural alginate biopolymer montmorillonite clay composites for vitamin B2 delivery

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7 Removal of Fluoride from Aqueous Solution Using Aluminum Alginate Beads

H. Kaygusuz, S. Uzaşçı, F.B. Erim

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8 Gelation of PAAm-PVP composites: A fluorescence study

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9 Effect of Calcium Ion Concentration on Small Molecule Desorption from Alginate Beads

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10 Biopolymer-assisted synthesis of yttrium oxide nanoparticles

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11 Cation Effect on Slow Release from Alginate Beads: A Fluorescence Study

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