KIM 311L - Fiziksel Kimya Lab. I
  1. Calculation of Vaporization Enthalpy of a Pure Liquid
  2. Molar Volume and Partial Molar Volume
  3. Colligative Properties (Molecular weight determination by cryoscopy method)
  4. Colligative Properties (Determination of the dissociation degree and the dissociation constant)
  5. Distribution and Partition
  6. Application of the Gibbs Phase Rule to Binary Systems
  7. Phase Diagram for a Three-Component System
  8. Measurement o Surface Tension
  9. Determination of Heat of Solution with Solubility Method
  10. Viscosity of a Polymer Solution
KIM 312L - Fiziksel Kimya Lab. II
  1. Determination of chemical formula Job’s method
  2. Kinetics study of acrylamide polymerization by viscosity
  3. Determination of hydrolysis constant for butyl acetate hydrolysis
  4. Kinetics of an iodine clock reaction
  5. Autocatalytic reaction between KMnO4 and oxalic acid
  6. The determination of thermodynamic potentials (ΔG, ΔH, and ΔS) from thermometric titration
  7. Activation energy of bromide / bromate reaction
  8. Investigation of monomolecular reaction: hydrolysis of sucrose
  9. Adsorption
  10. Actinometry